E-Book Homeopathy in Acute Conditions

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Homeopathy in Acute Conditions

Heidi Grollmann, Urs Maurer
Translated by Peter Vint
eBook-edition 2020
based on the German eBook editon 2018
ISBN 978-3907188-03-03

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Homeopathy in Acute Conditions

With the help of this book you will learn in a clear and straightforward way all you have to know, to be able to treat acute conditions with homeopathic remedies.

In the first part homeopathic principles are explained in detail, as how to find the appropriate remedy, to choose the right dosage and the repetition of the remedy.

In the second part you will find 167 indications, that will guide you fast and reliably to all the remedies you should consider for the condition in question. Due to the clearly structured presentation it’s easy to compare the remedies in order to select the best suited.

In the third part there are 32 «portraits» for the most important remedies, giving you a deeper insight into the characteristics of each of them, which further helps to verify your choice.

This book focusses on the practical side of the homeopathic treatment of acute conditions and will prove to be a guide you don’t want to do without anymore.


The Authors

Heidi Grollmann, Urs Maurer

Swiss diploma in homeopathy
Many years of experience in classical homeopathy in their own practices in Winterthur and Baar, Switzerland.
Comprehensive teaching and lecturing program for professional homeopaths

Authors of:
«Understanding Classical Homeopathy»
«Classical homeopathy – pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum period and infant»

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